Onion is one of the most important commercial vegetable crops grown in India. Both immature and mature bulbs are used as vegetable and condiment. It contains vitamin B and a trace of vitamin C and also traces of iron and calcium. The outstanding characteristic of onion is its pungency, which is due to a volatile oil known as allyl-propyl disulphide. Onions compared with other fresh vegetable are relatively high in food energy, intermediate in protein content and rich in calcium and ribonflavin.


Dehydration - in food processing, means by which many types of food can be preserved for indefinite periods by extracting the moisture, thereby inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. Dehydration is one of the oldest methods of food preservation.

Manufacturing Process at Panchvati

Selection of quality onion

Onion dehydrating process at panchvati foods is total scientific procedure. Procedure starts from raw onion purchase. Buying department at panchvati keeps monitoring good crop of onions around entire region. After getting good crop, onions moves to panchvati foods storage department.


Before moving onions for the dehydration process onions are sorted as per size and damaged onions get removed. The Good quality onions are pilled and then washed with medicated water containing 10 ppm chlorine.


The Peeled onions are then moved to the Slicer by the means of an Elevator to slice the onion bulbs in slices of 4-5 mm slices for Dehydration process.

Air Drying

Sliced onions are fed in the imperial dryer for dehydration without effecting the taste and pungency. The material after the first round of drying are sent for binary dryers to reduce the moisture content to 6% at 45-50 C.


Dried Onion slices with a Moisture content of 6/5 are then brought into the Air conditioned room for cooling and grading them.


Manual sorting is then carried out to remove the unwanted black particles or any foreign bodies.

Metal Detection

The sorted Product is passed through power magnetic sticks and metal detectors to remove the Ferrous & Non-Ferrous particles such as Iron, Steel, Copper etc

Weighing Packing & Storing

The finished product are weighed and sealed in moisture proof food grade poly bags. The bags are packed in corrugated boxes or paper bags. these packed bags are stored in a room temperature of 15-20'.

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